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What's the New, Mary Jane?

Mary Jane Walrus
21 March 1987
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Hallo there. Nice to meet you.
My name isn't Mary Jane.
It also isn't Maxine, Georgy, Apple Scruff, Hawaii Rocking Chair, Shady Grove or Baravelli.
But you're welcome to call me by any of them.
And yes, I really am a walrus. Please forgive any spelling erorrs, as it is somtimes dfifclut to tpye with large flpipers.

I love retro music, black-and-white movies, classic literature, Impressionism, surrealism, humor and horror. And so many things that I don't have time to list them all.
'50s music, '60s music, '70s music, abbott and costello, alfred hitchcock, alice cooper, animaniacs, are you being served, aretha franklin, art, bela lugosi, billie holiday, billy wilder, black-and-white movies, bo diddley, bob dylan, boris karloff, buddy holly, buster keaton, cary grant, charlie chaplin, chuck berry, cream, dashiell hammett, david bowie, dwight frye, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, edward g. robinson, eric clapton, f.w. murnau, fats domino, fawlty towers, fay wray, fleetwood mac, fritz lang, gene vincent, george burns, george harrison, gloria swanson, gracie allen, greta garbo, h.p. lovecraft, harold lloyd, herman's hermits, hinduism, horror, humphrey bogart, i love lucy, impressionism, ivie anderson, james cagney, james stewart, janis joplin, jefferson airplane, jerry lee lewis, jess harnell, jimi hendrix, joan baez, john lennon, joni mitchell, judy garland, katharine hepburn, keeping up appearances, laurel and hardy, lauren bacall, laurence olivier, lewis carroll, little richard, lucille ball, mae west, mamas and the papas, marc bolan, mary shelley, maurice lamarche, melanie, monty python, mott the hoople, music, myrna loy, nathaniel hawthorne, night gallery, paul mccartney, peter lorre, pinky and the brain, playing guitar, post-impressionism, ringo starr, rob paulsen, rosemary clooney, roy orbison, silent movies, smiley lewis, steppenwolf, stevie nicks, surrealism, t.rex, tcm, the beatles, the byrds, the crystals, the doors, the everly brothers, the honeymooners, the maltese falcon, the marvelettes, the marx brothers, the rolling stones, the ronettes, the shangri-las, the supremes, the traveling wilburys, the turtles, the twilight zone, the who, tom petty, tress macneille, turner classic movies, vincent price, william castle, william powell