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MJ's Hit Parade - Video Edition: The top ten music videos I've been most "stuck on" for this week.

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Alice Cooper's seen some scary stuff in his time, but nothing compares to being glomped repeatedly by Muppets. This is just plain classic, that's all it is. XD

Oh, and while we're on the subject, I couldn't resist posting the Staples commercial from a few years back.

Isn't this fun? :D
Just more of my mindless musings on movies. In this case, it's six horror movies I recently saw for the first time.

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Earlier I posted an entry bemoaning the fact that FX cancelled the drama series The Riches starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. Well, according to IMDb.com, we fans may have a second chance to say goodbye to the Malloys; Eddie is producing an independent Riches movie.

Driver And Izzard To Reprise Riches Roles

Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver are set to star in a big screen version of their cancelled U.S. TV show The Riches.

The drama series, about a family of con artists, won critical acclaim and a raft of awards - before being scrapped after its second season due to flagging ratings.

But comedian Izzard has now revealed he is in talks to make a film version of the show - which will be independently financed.

He says, "We've had the meeting and the writers are going to go off and slam out a story. We're going to raise money like (U.S. President-elect) Barack Obama through the internet, and we're going to shoot it guerilla-style."

Can I get a resounding "YAAAY!"? :D
Break out the party hats--this month marks the 80th birthday of RKO studios! :)

To commemorate the occasion, here's a list of my ten favorite RKO movies. If you'd like to join in the celebration, make a list of your favorites too. :)

- King Kong (1933)
- Alice Adams (1935)
- Stage Door (1937)
- Bringing Up Baby (1938)
- Citizen Kane (1941)
- Cat People (1942)
- The Body Snatcher (1945)
- It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
- The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947)
- His Kind of Woman (1951)

Honorable Mentions:
- Room Service (1938). It was the only Marx Brothers movie ever made at RKO, but it doesn't quite make the list because it also happened to be the worst movie the Marxes ever did in their career. But bad Marx Brothers is still better than 90% of comedy.
- Stranger on the Third Floor (1940), a little creaky as a film, but it was a great early role by Peter Lorre before he got his star-status at Warner Brothers, and was among the first films to utilize elements of a genre that would later be called film-noir.

RKO trivia for you film know-it-alls--

- What does RKO stand for?
- What was the first movie they released?
- When did the original RKO cease production?

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Is there a complaint address to write to Bright House Networks cable company? Their new cable box menu is a piece of crap. Movie summaries no longer feature cast lists, director credits or even genres, and you can no longer do movie searches by actor name. Not to mention the menu's new appearance is clunky to navigate and hard on the eyes.

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Heard about Paul McCartney's new Fireman album? I hadn't--not until yesterday, when I happened upon an article about its impending release (November 17th in the UK, 18th in the US). It hasn't been getting the kind of publicity Chaos and Creation or Memory Almost Full got, but then, that's probably because it's a Fireman album. The Fireman is McCartney's dance-music alter-ego, and he hasn't released an album under that name for a decade, but he's picking the moniker up again for the album Electric Arguments. And, unlike previous Fireman releases, this one has lyrics. And it's the lyrics to a particular song that I'm really writing about today.

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I don't watch much TV. I mean, really, I don't. I probably couldn't name five shows that are currently on the air today. My current viewing basically consists of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and FX's The Riches, starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. That is, until I saw Todd Stashwick's blog. Stashwick plays the villainous Dale Malloy in the FX drama--or I guess I should say "played." After leaving fans in limbo for six months, FX finally admitted that The Riches is cancelled. In his blog, Stashwick said, simply:

Word came down.

That word is cancelled.

Thank you everyone, all the passionate folks who were rooting for our return. Alas it will not be.

As I said before, onward!

I'm sure I'm not the only person whose sole reason for watching FX was The Riches. And trust me, I won't be watching that channel anymore now that their one good show has tanked. Way to go, execs, for having a little faith after the down ratings caused by the writers' strike.

I could get mad or upset, but instead I'd rather just remember the good times.

Eh, not much to talk about here; just got a little bored and did some Bowie personality quizzes.

"one flash of light but no smoking pistol

quiz created by neondisease

Which David Bowie single are you?

So this is the song I am, apparently:

Actually kind of fitting, since I was just playing that song on the guitar a few hours before I took the quiz. :)

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MJ's Hit Parade: The top ten songs I've been most "stuck on" for this week.

"As the World Falls Down," David Bowie
"Bang a Gong (Get it On)," T.Rex
"Don't Bring Me Down," Electric Light Orchestra
"Escape," Alice Cooper
"I'm Afraid of Americans," David Bowie
"Jerkin' Crocus," Mott the Hoople
"Lucille," Little Richard
"She's So Cold," The Rolling Stones
"Strawberry Fields Forever," The Beatles
"Watch That Man," David Bowie